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About us

My name is Alma, I founded Helping Children of Tomorrow after my son's two year long experience with bullying, which has left him with severe anxiety along with health issues. I have now made it my mission to STOP bullying in our communities. I will be a voice for those individuals that are being bullied and for those that have committed suicide due to being bullied.

Bullying has become an epidemic, and it doesn't only occur within schools; it involves the entire community. Bullying can affect individuals in every walk and season of life, and the effects of the violence are always serious, can result in long-term mental health problems, and are sometimes deadly.

Epi Quiroga, founder of USA Bully Free made it his mission to end bullying after his brother was murdered in 2004. I had the opportunity to meet with Epi to learn more about his campaign and now have the opportunity to bring his model to Colorado and form CO Bully Free as a branch of Helping Children of Tomorrow.

Alma and Epi

According to SA (San Antonio) Bully Free's website, the campaign's mission is "to build a coordinated community support system city wide with a multifaceted approach using anti-bully signage and other resources to correct bully attacks and bully behavior."

The team

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